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Our Brands

Our group of brands are spread throughout many industries, from investments and visas to property management and travel.
The Harland & Poston Group offer the advantage of being able to market our businesses on a worldwide scale, our offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Istanbul, Vietnam and the Algarve allow us to have our client's interests at the forefront of our mind.
Our mission statement is to ensure we have transparency across all of our brands, our team of business driven, resilient and flexible staff allow us to find the best opportunities and returns across several markets. If your looking to invest in Europe then our team of professionals are the perfect partner for your needs!

Harland&Poston Group

Excellence is our mission

  • Real Estate

    We are striving for excellence in everything we do! Our Real Estate division covers all aspects of property investment, starting with negotiating sales, mediation, Structured Investment and Aftersales, we're taking care of investors throughout their process and our Aftersales ensures we are here to meet both their short and long term needs.

  • Investments and Visas

    Our Investments and Visas department is dedicated to provide a high-quality service to foreign investors allowing them to invest in foreign properties and acquire a Golden Visa and eventually citizenship. We are offer a tailored service selecting both short and long term investment properties to ensure investors get only the finest properties that meet their visa requirements.

  • Client & Property Management

    Both Client & Property management is a key part of our group, taking care of all aspects of managing properties after our investors acquire them. The professionals within our group will ensure your investment is looked after and they will personally take care of all your personal needs from filing your tax returns to arranging all the small details that are sometimes forgotten.

  • Travel and Leisure

    Our client is in the center of our attention and all our efforts are reflected in our user-centric strategy within our Travel and Leisure Companies. From a selection of the finest resorts to a VIP level service, beginning with the first meeting and continuing beyond our last goodbye, our staff is dedicated to making all our visitors as reassured and as comfortable as possible.